Product Liability Attorneys

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers all have legal responsibilities to provide safe and reliable products to customers. Liability for defective products are not limited to certain industries and can include a wide array of consumer products. These can include: industrial machinery and equipment, home appliances, toys, implanted medical devices and prescription medicines.

When a consumer gets injured, or killed, due to a defect or unsafe product, manufacturers, distributors and/or retailers may be held liable for said injuries and/or death. The Law Offices of Peter D. Baron has decades of experience successfully resolving claims related to dangerous and defective products. Our attorneys will ensure nationally recognized field experts test and inspect the defective product to prove a party’s liability.

Types of Defective Product Claims

Design Defect: A flaw in the original design of the product typically found in all of the company’s manufactured product. Each product is unreasonably dangerous and hazardous to potential consumers. A plaintiff needs to prove the design is unreasonably dangerous prior to being put into production; it was plausible to anticipate the design could cause harm; or that the manufacturer had the opportunity to create a superior design that was economically equivalent.

Manufacture Defect: Such defects arise from an error in the manufacture of the product and not intended to be part of the product. As these defects do not originate in the design of the product, such defects are found in small portions of an overall production of manufactured goods. A plaintiff needs to demonstrate the defect was in existence at the time it left the production facility.

Marketing Defect: Adequate warning labels and instructions for product use must be contained on the product itself. A consumer needs to be informed of the risks associated with the product.

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