Attorneys with Rideshare Accident Experience

Means of transportation continue to change. Many people now rely on companies like Uber and Lyft to get around. Like any motorist, these drivers run the risk of getting into motor vehicle accidents. If you find yourself in one of these unfortunate accidents and sustain injuries, you can trust the Law Offices of Peter D. Baron to help you navigate the aftermath. Multiple options are available to clients and our attorneys have the experience to make this traumatic experience easier.

Different Considerations Exist in Rideshare Accidents

As this tends to be a new area of law, the Law Offices of Peter D. Baron can assure you that our attorneys keep up to date with any changes and recent decisions. Rideshare companies require their drivers to have personal car insurance that meets State liability coverage minimums. The companies themselves also must provide their drivers additional insurance coverage as a condition to business in the State. A number of factors come to play to determine if the companies’ insurance policies are available to injured passengers. Some factors may include:

  • If the driver does not log in to the rideshare app, the companies are not required to provide coverage
  • If the driver is actively logged into the app but does not have a passenger, the amount of potential compensation from the companies’ policy may be limited
  • If the driver is transporting a passenger, both the driver’s and companies’ insurance policies are available to an injured passenger
  • When an accident involves an uninsured or underinsured motorist, the companies’ policy will be used for compensation

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