Sexual Assault Victim Attorneys

A sexual assault is defined as any unwanted physical contact, which can include touching, fondling, molestation and/or rape. Hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to sexual assaults each year, resulting in severe and permanent physical and emotional damages. The Law Offices of Peter D. Baron understand the sensitive nature of sexual abuse cases and strive to be a compassionate, yet forceful advocate, holding abusers, and other parties who failed to take reasonable care to protect against sexual assault, accountable.

What to Do After Being Sexually Assaulted

  • Report the incident to law enforcement. It is advised that victims wait to shower and change their clothes until after police are able to gather available evidence of the assault that may otherwise be lost.
  • Seek medical care. Victims should receive treatment for their injuries and get tested for STDs and obtain emergency contraceptives.
  • Seek out family, friends, and/or professional help to manage emotional trauma. Organizations like RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) are available to help. New York based SafeHorizon also provides assistance to victims.

When Should a Victim Start a Civil Lawsuit?

The intense trauma associated with sexual assault often leave victims too ashamed and frightened to speak about their experience. New York State providers an extended statute of limitations of 20 years following an assault to bring a civil lawsuit in court. This extended time period allows victims to emotionally recover before initiating an action against their abuser in court. It also allows for any potential criminal case conclude, which will be vital evidence in a civil lawsuit for damages.

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