Medical Malpractice Attorneys

If a healthcare provider’s negligence worsened your medical condition or caused you to suffer injuries, you may be able to recover compensation. Medical malpractice cases are complex and require a careful, in-depth examination since not every medical error or injury rises to malpractice. However, when a patient experiences harm while receiving medical care, a malpractice lawsuit may be warranted to recover damages if liability can be established.

Developing a Successful Medical Malpractice Case

New York State requires medical professionals and health care institutions to follow the “standard of care” within the medical community. “Standard of care” in the medical malpractice context refers to the quality of care in a given situation that meets the acceptable standards in the medical community. If at any time a medical provider does not follow that standard, medical negligence or malpractice may be found. After gathering evidence, a successful case will need to prove:

  • A patient and medical professional establish a patient-doctor relationship, where the medical professional agrees to provide medical treatment.
  • The medical professional departed from the field’s accepted standard of care by acting negligently, incompetently, or carelessly.
  • The negligent party’s actions or inactions caused you harm.
  • You suffered permanent and/or significant illness, injury, and other damages.

Depending on the evidence, the extent of your injuries, and the future outlook of your health, you could be compensated for: pain and suffering, all medical care and treatment (past, present, future), lost wages and benefits, reduced earning potential, disfigurement, loss of life enjoyment and companionship.

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