Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse Attorneys

Families entrust nursing homes to care for their loved ones with the expectation that their loved ones receive a higher level of care and attention than they could receive elsewhere. Unfortunately, it is common that residents do not receive proper medical, physical or emotional attention. Nursing home negligence can lead to an array of injuries resulting from falls, bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition and errors in administering prescription medications. These injuries may occur due to inexperienced or improperly trained nursing staff, lack of proper supervision, or lack of necessary personnel staff.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Signs of Physical Abuse and Neglect

Investigate for unexplained injuries (i.e., broken bones, sprains, dislocations), frequent hospital visits, oddly shaped bruises, open wounds or lacerations, strap marks, bedsores, burns or malnutrition.

Signs of Emotional Abuse

Since emotional abuse does not leave behind physical clues, it is important to speak to loved ones to assess their changes in appearance or behavior. Warning signs often include unkempt appearance, poor hygiene, anxiety and depression, isolation, withdrawal from social interactions, weight gain or loss, or suddenly becoming non-responsive.

Signs of Financial Abuse

Monitor your loved one’s finances to stay aware of potential exploitation. Be aware of unexplained withdrawals, credit card purchases, transfers, unusual subscriptions, changes in life insurance policies, property titles, power of attorney, or wills.

Signs of Sexual Abuse

Finally, be sure to check for genital injuries or bruising, trouble walking or sitting, bloody undergarments, and unexplained STDs or STIs.

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