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Elder abuse or nursing home negligence commonly occurs when a resident does not receive proper medical, physical or emotional attention. Injuries to nursing home patients are rising at an alarming rate. Causes of nursing home negligence often range from inexperienced or improperly trained nursing staff to lack of proper supervision. Nursing home negligence can lead to an array of injuries resulting from falls, bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition and errors in prescription medication. Physical abuse occurs when a caregiver or employee in a nursing facility knowingly, intentionally, or negligently uses physical force to harm an elderly adult, who is often weak, feeble, or otherwise vulnerable. It can be in the form of hitting, shoving, or the inappropriate use of restraints. Emotional abuse can be in the form of verbal abuse, humiliation, intimidation, or ignoring the elder. If you suspect that a loved one was a victim of nursing home abuse or negligence, our attorneys are here to help. Learn more about why clients choose us or contact us for a free evaluation of your case.

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